This is my google drive folder with all my MIDIs. They are not too many, but I try to do my best by doing them.

My MIDIs are licenced by the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) You can use my MIDIs for any project, Commercial or NonCommercial, just put me in the credits.

MIDIs count: 3 midis.

MIDIs list:
  • Demonic Teleporter (NEGATIVEONE/Demonic Teleporter.mid): A boss-like MIDI made for a collaborative megawad named NEGATIVEONE, in that i collaborated with some mapping. (Used in NEGATIVEONE – MAP28)
  • TNTEM (DooM 3 IDKFA/TNTEM.mid): A MIDI i made for the DOOM III: IKDFA collaborative wad, started by evan (evanisdead in DW.). I tried to make something… uhh… doomy xD.
  • The Chaotic Wars on Dis (DooM 3 IDKFA/The Chaoitc Wars on Dis.mid): Another MIDI for DOOM III: IDKFA. Tried to make something hellish, it started as an edit of a black metal song i dont rememeber the name, but it becomed something completely different xD. This thing has the most frenetic drumkit i made in my life. Also timpani.

Link to download them: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1hq-V3W4VRmCM_DPz39UfJpLfj8ijDQcY?usp=sharing


My Non-Midi music:

Dimensional Weirdness OST:



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I make videogames, doom mods and music with LMMS.

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