MIDIocrity by Ivan Stanton (northivanastan)

A collection of MIDIs made from February to May 2021, all intended for use in Doom/Freedoom projects. I’m still in the process of learning how to make good MIDI music, so my tracks don’t really compare in quality to the other MIDI artists out there. I’m just happy that some people like these enough to use them in their projects.

Feel free to use these however you want in whatever projects you’re working on. Most of them are even public domain! I only ask that if you use one of the remixes/covers, you attribute both me and the person I am remixing. In the case of “Network” it would be “originally by Patricia Taxxon, arranged for MIDI by Ivan Stanton (northivanastan)”; for “The Mothership’s Wake” it would be “originally by Tom Mustaine, remixed by Ivan Stanton (northivanastan)”; for the others it would be “originally by Bobby Prince, remixed by Ivan Stanton (northivanastan).” Also, I suggest that you message me on Doomworld (I’m northivanastan) if you use one of these MIDIs – I’d love to hear about it and help you with any issues you have.

Get the album here (payment optional): https://ivanastan.bandcamp.com/album/midiocrity

Mirror (Internet Archive): https://archive.org/details/ivan-stanton-midiocrity-14-network-originally-by-patricia-taxxon

CC0 (Public Domain) Copyright-Friendly Version: https://opengameart.org/content/midiocrity-doom-inspired-midi-album

MIDIs, of course, are included in all of these downloads.


  1. The Mothership’s Wake (TNT: Evilution MIDI Pack)
  2. Airport Attack (Theme-gawad #1)
  3. Savior of Humanity (TNT: Evilution MIDI Pack, unused)
  4. Fun is Infinite at AGM (original, FrantikDM)
  5. Punch Your Way Through (original, FrantikDM)
  6. Death Waltz (original)
  7. The Invisible Gardener (original)
  8. Quantum 2 (original, based on an older track of mine named “Quantum”)
  9. Challenges Ahead (original)
  10. Doomguy and His Angry Band (remix, Ultimate MIDI Pack)
  11. The Journey Continues (Theme-gawad #1)
  12. The Ritual (Abaddon’s Garrison, Theme-gawad #1)
  13. Mouth for Secrets (remix, Ultimate MIDI Pack)
  14. Network (cover, originally by Patricia Taxxon)
  15. Desolation (Ultimate MIDI Pack)
  16. Derelict (Freedoom)
  17. Savior of Humanity (Cammy Remix) (TNT: Evilution MIDI Pack)
  18. Good Endings (original)
  19. Arrival of the Demons (Ultimate MIDI Pack)
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