Hold down CTRL while clicking the categories you wish to use in the Categories list.

Just insert a link to the YouTube or Soundcloud video in your album/post and the site will automatically display it.

In the window where you are creating a new post please click the tab marked “text”:

Insert the following piece of code. Remember to replace the path and the name shown with your own:

Click image to view text that can be copied

If you have more than one track you can seperate them by adding one or more
like this:

Click image to view text that can be copied

Insert only the lines with the javascript once!

In the profile section – when you are logged in – you can view your own posts. There you have a number of options including the option to clone an album/post.

Yes, they are important! You will help readers and the authors a lot by categorizing and tagging your posts in a relevant way. It is much easier for everyone if this is done right.