That would be R. Zapata! Take a look at her YouTube page.

The site’s default behaviour is to only show you your own files. If this isn’t the case please report it to the admins via the Contact Form.

We want the whole site to be useful and relevant for the users and their content. If you have a good suggestion for one or more categories then please don’t hesitate to suggest it to us. Use the contact form.

Please use the Contact form and send us your request. If it’s relevant for the site and Doom community we will most likely approve it.

Hold down CTRL while clicking the categories you wish to use in the Categories list.

Please send the admins a messsage via the Contact Form and they can help you.

Just insert a link to the YouTube or Soundcloud video in your album/post and the site will automatically display it.

In the window where you are creating a new post please click the tab marked “text”:

Insert the following piece of code. Remember to replace the path and the name shown with your own:

Click image to view text that can be copied

If you have more than one track you can seperate them by adding one or more
like this:

Click image to view text that can be copied

Insert only the lines with the javascript once!

In the profile section – when you are logged in – you can view your own posts. There you have a number of options including the option to clone an album/post.

Your user is missing the correct rights. When you register you are Subscriber. Send the admins a message via the Contact form to request Author rights.

As many as you like within reasonable boundaries.

Yes, you can use it. It is a backend interface whereas the “My posts” page is a frontend. Some might be more comfortable using the various options for writing posts and/or managing your files in the backend interface as it offers more features, but is also more advanced.

Yes, they are important! You will help readers and the authors a lot by categorizing and tagging your posts in a relevant way. It is much easier for everyone if this is done right.