All Hell Is Breaking Loose MIDIS

All hell is breaking loose!

Made by Mark Klem for the 1996 WAD, All Hell is Breaking Loose. The wad is notable for its extensive use of DeHackEd to add ambient sound, different weapons, and new hellspawn to slay with the aforementioned weapons. The new monsters include red marines who fire their plasma at you, 2-Headed Chaingunners who frequently ride Arachnotrons, an Apache Helicopter that shoots rockets (and the red marines, which can backfire if the Heli gets trigger-happy), winged Pit Fiends who hurl bolts of electricity (and vulgarities) from the air, barons who’ve replaced their legs with fire so they can fly around (and give Erik Alm a few too many ideas), and a giant Cyberdemon with two rocket launchers. Also, pinkies are on fire now.

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